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Shanghai Witsion information Technology co., LTD, established in 2009, is headquartered in Shanghai China, with branch in Xi'an.

Being devoted to expanding oversea markets, Witsion specializes in the International in-game virtual exchange. Based on the internetworking and the profound understanding of games and gamers’ needs, Witsion provides the gamers with in-game virtual currencies/items, Game Accounts and Digital Time Cards/Game CDkeys, IGVault is one of the biggest brands that Witsion owns.

Taking advantage of the precise Development Orientation, the sophisticated Technology and the excellent Operating Service, Witsion has won the heart of quantities of Customers with loyalty. Witsion’s annual sales keep increasing steadily, cash reserves are sufficient, which as a whole benignly offer the basic guarantee for the next-step development. Other than keeping the expansion of European Market, Wistion is meanwhile expanding the activities into Mid-East and Latin-America.

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