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Path to growth

  • Jing Guo Teller of the Finance Department in Shanghai
  • ZHANG Xiaoyan Supervisor of the Customer Service Department in Xi’an
  • TAN Yirong Supervisor of the Logistics Department in Guang Dong
  • DONG Wenxin Channel Manager of the Operating Center in Shanghai
Time flies, it has been 9 years since I joined Witsion where I started gaining my experience, this is the first job that I got after my graduation. At the beginning, there were only 10 colleagues, “how can I get my work done well?” was the question that I had been as myself all the time, and I had always simply believed in happiness.
With the growth of Witsion, I have also experienced several adjustments on my job. Sometimes I was confused confronting the unknown field but also with plenty of curiosity. As far as I’m concerned, working consists of taking others’ advice, inquiry, and improving from all criticism and feedback. We should trust each other and stick to getting all work done with perfection from which we can gain confidence. In the future, I’ll keep myself in optimistic mood and work harder to get myself improved further.

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