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Close to nature and share the achievement-2013 Shanghai WITSION outward bound

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In order to enhance the cooperation abilities of the workers, we organized a outdoor activity for all the colleagues at the Lingshi park on June 9th, 2013


The training was started as the colleagues wearing colorful raincoats in a rainy day. The staff got closer to each other during the game time, found the trust basis, and constructed the fine atmosphere. At then, it went to be sunny. Guided by the coach, all the members were divided into four groups, and each group voted out their leaders emblems and their group name as rain man or league of legends. And then, the members got to know each other better after several games.


At the end of the training, every member cheered up, shared the joy of contribution, cooperation and success, got drenched in the essence of teamwork and shouldered duty.

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