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Food-fest--2014 Guangdong WITSION annual meeting

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Guangdong WISTION hold the annual anniversary on January 26th, 2013.

Guangdong is famous for her exquisite food and Cantonese cuisine driving people died for. The annual meeting menu is quite excellent. And at the end of the year, blessed-meaning food is popular like the Booming Wind as salmon, Blossom as spicy spoiled beef, Prosperous Road as lecture and fish Wonton, etc.

And then it comes to abundant gifts as humidifier, mountain bike cycling, TCL 3d HDNTV and others. It is filled with laughter and joy on the way the staffs go back home. At the end, there were also other various activities and games like Guess or Hide, which promoted the atmosphere of the meeting and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The last but not the least, we wish all the staffs and their family members live better in the next year!

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