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The Enterprising and Cooperation outreach activities of WITSION in 2014

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Two days of outreach activities in downtown Shanghai and Kunshan started at 9 am on July 26, 2014


Refers to this outreach activity, there is a big innovation than the previous years. On the first day, it was rated as the first cross-city race; every athlete of the team had to run through Yu Garden,Saudi Arabia Pavilion, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center and other six spots. It was admitted that physical exertion and team-corporation were necessary. During the race, players experienced difficulties, laughter, and friction and gained the trust and understanding, feeling the partner's support!

And at the night, the 80s and 90s fellows had a fantastic time on the party

On the second day, we were put to the test of intelligence and physical strengthen.

Finally, we shared our feelings with each other in these two days. The outdoor activity was tough, but also inspired. We hoped what we had learned during that days would further our way in the future!

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