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Cooperation and striving --- WITSION cup in 2013

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2013 Shanghai WITSION cup--Table Soccer Game was started up on July 8th,2013 and meanwhile, Guangdong branch also held the first WITSION cup--Three-player basketball match!


As for this game in shanghai,each team played a fierce game,and at last,the operation department team defeated the customer service team 2 by slight advantage,and won the champion. And as for Play-off match, the delivery and customer service team 2 defeated the human resources team and won the third winner


On the other hand,LOL,the delivery team F and the TT team,the material team won the champion and the second-place at the first WITSION cup--three-player basketball match in Guangdong.The delivery representative Mai Jiacheng Won the title of MVP.

Although the game was over,the general manager Mr.Li Qiuhua and other managers sent a surprised gift to Shanghai team. It was concluded that winning the game is not the most important thing,however,the pleasure of the game,the competition spirit and the glamour of team work mattered a lot.

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